The information provided in advance indicated that Walter Fowlie Cruden
 married Mary Bella McGhee on 30" June 1922. Walter was born circa 1901
 and died in 1970, aged 69.

The investigation was opened with a search for the details of Walter's marriage.
 The Statutory marriage index for 1922 was searched and reference was found
to the correct entry in Peterhead, leading to the following:

On 30" June 1922 at 38 Windmill Street, Peterhead. After Banns 
according to The Forms of the Established Church of Scotland
Walter Fowlie Cruden (Carter - Bachelor) aged 20 of 17 Tolbooth wynd, Peterhead;
son of Alexander Cruden (Labourer) and Jessie Cruden m/s Hutchison 
(marriage to )
Mary Bella McGhee (Fishworker - Spinster) aged 19 of 38 windmill Street, Peterhead;
daughter'of Peter McGhee (Labourer) and Sarah McGhee m/s Third 
Officiating Minister: H Douglas Swan, Minister of Peterhead
Witnesses:	Arthur McGhee, 38 windmill Street, Peterhead
            Agnes J Cruden;17 Tolbooth wynd, Peterhead

(Ref. 1922m/Peterhead, Co. Aberdeen 232/1/37) 
The details of Walter's death in 1970 were noted as follows:
On 1st January 1970 at City Hospital, Aberdeen
(Usual Residence: 72 Gadle Braes, Peterhead)
Walter Fowlie Cruden (Carter, Retired, born 13.9.1901 - married to Mary Bella
McGhee) died aged 68; son of Alexander Cruden (Street Porter - deceased) and
Jessie Cruden m/s Hutchison (deceased)
Cause of death: Myocardial Infarction
Certified by: M Bremner, MB, ChB
Informant:	C Cruden, Daughter-in-law
(Ref: 1970d/Peterhead, Co. Aberdeen 232/2) 
The details of Walter's birth in 1901 were noted:
On 13th September !901 at 3 am at 17 Tolbooth Wynd, Peterhead
Walter Fowlie Cruden was born; son of Alexander Cruden (Street Porter) and
Jessie Cruden m/s Hutchison
marriage of parents: 1885, February 14th, Boddam
Informant Jessie Cruden. Mother
(Ref. 1901b/Peterhead, Co .Aberdeen 232/1/366)
The details of his parents' marriage were then located:
On 24th [sic] February 1885 at Stephen's Buildings, Boddam. After Banns
According to the Forms of the Church of Scotland
Alexander Cruden (his X mark) (Bachelor) aged 22 of Lochside, Cruden; son of
Alexander Cruden (Tailor) and Isabella Cruden m/s Smith (deceased)
[marriage to ]
Jessie Hutchison (Spinster) aged 20 of Boddam; daughter of David Hutchison
(Stone Quarrier) and Jessie Hutchison m/s Thom
Officiating Minister: Robert Ross, Minister, Cruden
witnesses:	Hugh Cruden and James Suttor (?)

(Ref. 1885m/Boddam, Co. Aberdeen 232/2/4)
I wanted now: to make use of the Census Enumerators' Returns. These are household surveys carried out every ten years from 1841. They provide details such as name, relationship to head of household, age, occupation and place of birth for each person living at the address on the night the census was carried out. Those for 1841 give far less information and the most recent open to public inspection are those for 1901. The 1881, 1891 and 1901 Censuses have now been indexed, thereby enabling the tracing of a family or individual without knowing the precise address. A search was made of the index to the 1881 Census in Aberdeen County and reference was found to Alexander Cruden and family, leading to the following entry: 22E North Street. Peterhead - 3rd/4thApril 1881
Alexander Cruden   Head Married   58   Tailor b. Aberdeen, Rathen
Isabella   Wife "   48   b. " Tyrie
Alexander   son Unmarr.   20   Baker b. " Lonmay
Clementine   dau. "   18   Gen Servt b.
Janet   dau.   15   b.
Helen   dau.   10   Scholar b. " Peterhead
Catherine   dau.   8   b.
Georgina Reid   lodger Married   19   Gen. Sev'tb.
(ref: l881 Census Peterhead, Co. Aberdeen 232/1/bk5/p11 The above house had two rooms with one or more windows. Alexander Cruden (junior) would have been born around 1861-63 in Lonmay. A search was made for his birth and this was located in 1860 in Rathen and noted as follows:

On 5" August 1860 at 7 am at Gowanhill
Alexander Cruden was born; son of Alexander Cruden (Master Tailor) and
Isabella Cruden m/s Smith
Informant: Alexander Cruden, Father (Present)

(Ref. 1860b/Rathen, Co. Aberdeen 235/57)
Unfortunately, details of the parents' marriage are not given on birth certificates between 1856 and 1860. I made use of the International Genealogical Index (IGI). This index, compiled by the Mormon Church Authorities, also shows births and marriages for a given surname throughout each county between the years 1855 and 1875 and has the advantage over the statutory index in that the parents are named, thus aiding identification. A search was made of the IGI on CD-ROM and the following children were located to Alexander Cruden and Isabella Smith:
Charles Cruden	born 15.1.1859 in Rathen
Alexander Cruden	5.8.1860
Clementina Shand Cruden	18.9.1863 in Lonmay
Jessie Cruden	26.2. 1866
Eliza Wilson Cruden	14.5.1868 in Peterhead
Helen Johnston Cruden	26.1.1871
Catherine Cruden	22. 10. 1872
The parents' marriage was located in 1858 in Tyrie and was noted as follows:
On 10th June 1858 at the Church of Tyrie. Marriage (after Banns) 
was solemnized between us according to the Forms of the Church of Scotland
Alexander Cruden (Tailor - Widower) aged 34 of Memsie, parish of Rathen; 
son of George Cruden (Farm Servant) and Ann Cruden or Greig (deceased) 
[marriage to]
Isabel [sic] Smith (Maid,Servant - Spinster) aged 25 of Coburty, parish of Aberdour; 
daughter of William Smith (Crofter) and Isabella Smith m/s Smith 
Officiating Minister Alexander Milne, Minister of Tyrie
Witnesses:	Robert Summers and Charles Smith

(Ref. 1858m/Tyrie, Co Aberdeen 248/8)
Neither Alexander Cruden nor Jessie Hutchison is given as deceased when their son Walter married in 1922. A search was made for their deaths after that time. Jessie's death was located in 1933 as follows:
On 10th April 1933 at 9.30 am at 14 Back Street, Peterhead
Jessie Cruden (Widow of Alexander Cruden, Carter) died aged 68; 
daughter of David Hutchison (Farm Servant - deceased) and Jessie Hutchison m/s Thom 
Cause of death: Senility; Cerebral Haemorrhage
Certified by:	JWE Webster, MB, ChB
Informant:	Alexander Chubb, Son-in-law and Inmate*
(Ref. 1933d/Peterhead, Co. Aberdeen 232/60)
*someone living in the same house Her husband's death was located in 1929 as follows:
On 8th January 1929 at 11 pm at 17 Tolbooth Wynd, Peterhead
Alexander Cruden (Carter - married to Jessie Hutchison) died aged 68; son of
Alexander Cruden (Tailor, Master - deceased) and Isabella Cruden m/s Smith
Cause of death: Arterio sclerosis and chronic bronchitis
Certified by:	Y C Taylor, MB, ChB
Informant:	John Cruden, Son (Present)
1O Threadneedle Street, Peterhead

(Ref. 1929d/Peterhead, Co. Aberdeen 232/1/4)
Alexander Cruden would have been born around 1824 in Rathen. It was now time to consult the Old Parish Registers (OPRs). Before the introduction of compulsory civil registration in Scotland (1855) these were virtually the only source of births, or more commonly baptisms, and marriages. There were almost 1,000 parishes in Scotland, and not all of the old registers have survived. It was not really until the early part of the eighteenth century that the maintenance of OPRs became reasonably widespread. The registers werc usually the responsibility of the Session Clerk and some were much more diligent than others in the way these registers were kept. The secession of 1733 had an adverse effect and many of those who seceded refused, on principle, to register baptisms with the Established Church. In 1783, an act was passed imposing a tax of three pence on every entry; this also deterred many from registering. A search was made of the index to OPR births in Aberdeen County but no trace: was found of Alexander Cruden's birth having been recorded between 1815 and 1830. His parents' marriage was located in Tyrie in 1822 as follows:
George Cruden and Anne (sic) Greig both in Tyrie, for 1st

time 15th' December 1822 Cruden and Greig 2nd and 3rd times

(Ref. OPRm/Tyrie, Co. Aberdeen 248/bk4/p79)
George Cruden marriage A search was made for the deaths of Alexander Cruden and Isabella Smith, his after 1885 (when his son married) and hers prior to that date. Alexander's death was located in 1896 in Peterhead as follows:
On 13" March 1896 at 7 am at 40a Longate, Peterhead
Alexander Cruden (Journeyman Tailor - widower of Isabella Smith) died aged
73; son of Alexander*[sic] Cruden ( Farm Servant - deceased) and Annie Cruden
m/s Greig (deceased)
Cause of death: Diarrhoea, 4 days
Certified by:	James Stephen, MD
Informant:	James Suttor, Grandson & Inmate (Present)

(Ref. 1896cl/Peterhead, Co. Aberdeen 232/39)
*Please note that Alexander's father was given as George when Alexander married in 1858. His wife had died in 1885:
On 10th January 1885 at 11.30 pm at Queen Street, Peterhead
Isabella Cruden (married to Alexander Cruden, Tailor, Journeyman) died aged
49; daughter of William Smith (Labourer - deceased) and Isabella Smith m/s
Wilson * [sic] (deceased)
Cause of death: Hemiplegia, about 14 days
Certified by:	Robert Catto, MD, CM
Informant:	Alexander Cruden, widower (Present)
(Ref. 1885d/Peterhead, Co. Aberdeen 232/1/7)
*Isabella's mother is shown as Isabella Smith on the 1858 marriage certificate. George Cruden and Ann Greig married in 1822. A search was made of the index to OPR births in Aberdeen County from, 1822 up to 1839 but I found no trace of any children recorded to them in the OPRs. George Cruden was still alive in 1858 (when his son married). A search was made for his death, which was eventually located in 1880 in Peterhead and noted as follows:
On 17th February 1880 at 1:30pm at 22ENorth St, Peterhead
George Cruden (farm servant - Widower of Ann Greig) died aged 88; son of
John Cruden (Crofter - deceased) and [unknown to informant]  (deceased)
Cause of death Catarrh 21 days
Certified by:	James Stephen, MD
Informant:	Alexander Cruden, Son (Present)

(Ref 1880d/Peterhead, Co Aberdeen 232/1/32)
There was no trace of his wife's death from 1858 back to 1855, so presumably Ann Greig died before Civil Registration began in 1855. A search was made through the various volumes of Monumental Inscriptions available at New Register House. These are abbreviated tombstone inscriptions, covering a number of parishes throughout Scotland, compiled by dedicated family historians. If one is lucky, then a lot of useful information can be gathered from a family plot. A search was made of Tyrie and Rathen (there were none available for Peterhead) but I was unable to find any entries of direct relevance, although there were one or two entries which looked as if they had tie-ups, including a 19 year old Peter Fowlie Cruden who died in 1918 in the Great War. I felt that he must be connected to Walter Fowlie Cruden. A quick check of the records revealed that Peter Cruden was born on 9"' October 1898 in Greenbank, Fraserburgh to Peter Fowlie Cruden (Farm Servant) and Robina Sutherland Pirie (Ref. 196/254). Peter Fowlie Cruden married on 10" October 1896 and his parents were Thomas Cruden and Jane Moir, so the connection is still not obvious at this stage. Moving back to the main body of the research, a search was made of Peterhead 1851 Census for George Cruden, but no trace was found of him in the parish in March 1851. George Cruden would have been born around 1792 to John Cruden. A search was made of the index to OPR births in Aberdeen County from 1785 up to 1799 but l found no trace of his birth having been recorded. This entry was found on the 1841 Census
Piece: SCT1841/169 Place: Aberdour-Aberdeenshire Enumeration District: 4
Civil Parish: Aberdour Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Folio: 4 Page: 6
Address: Mosside Of Couburty

Surname	 First name	 Sex   Age	 Occupation	 	Where Born	  
CRUDEN	 George	 	 M	   46	 Ag Lab 	 	Aberdeenshire 	 	 	 
CRUDEN	 Anne	 	 F	   39	 	 	 	    Aberdeenshire 	 	 
Some more info from Hazel Holt Many Thanks for this Walter Fowlie CRUDEN's parents were Alexander CRUDEN b. 5 aug 1860 Gowanhill parents - Alexander CRUDEN & Isabella SMITH d. 8 Jan 1929 17 Tolbooth Wynd, PD bu. 11 jan 1929 Constitution Street, PD Plot E762 Married to Jessie HUTCHISON 24 Feb. 1885 Boddam Jessie b. 28 nov 1864 Blackhill, PD parents - David HUTCHISON & Jessie THOM d. 10 apr 1933 14 Back Street, PD bu. 12 apr 1933 Constitution Street, PD Plot E762 Children of Alexander CRUDEN & Jessie HUTCHISON 1. Isabella Smith CRUDEN b. 18 nov 1885 54 Broad Street, PD d. 9 nov 1887 2 Seagate Place, PD 2. Janet Walker Thom CRUDEN b. 30 mar 1888 2 Seagate Place, PD 3. Joan Souttar CRUDEN b. 6 jun 1890 17 Longate, PD d. 10 dec 1960 Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen bu. 13 dec 1960 Constitution Street, PD Plot E762 Married to Alexander CLUBB 5 apr 1910 17 Tolbooth Wynd, PD Alexander b. 1 dec 1884 5 Topps Court, 40 Broad Street, Aberdeen parents - Alexander CLUBB & Mary McKECHNIE d. 7 jul 1958 14 Back Street, PD bu. 10 jul 1958 Constitution Street, PD Plot E762 4. Helen Edwards CRUDEN b. 30 apr 1893 30 Backgate, PD 5. Alexanderina CRUDEN b. 24 jun 1895 5 Ugie Square, PD 6. John Cowie CRUDEN b. 7 jun 1899 17 Tolbooth Wynd, PD Married to Jessie Ann CRAIGHEAD 7. Walter Fowlie CRUDEN (already sent info) 8. David Hutchison CRUDEN b. 31 jan 1904 17 Tolbooth Wynd, PD Married to Flora Peddie 9. Agnes Jeannie Fowlie CRUDEN b. 3 mar 1908 17 Tolbooth Wynd, PD d. 19 Feb. 1979 Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen Married to David Murray MITCHELL 1926, PD David b. 16 dec 1903 11 Gladstone Road, PD d. 28 Feb. 1972 Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen Alexander CRUDEN's parents were - Alexander CRUDEN b. 1824 ? He died after 1885 but before 1929 He was 34 @ time of marriage ( widower) was from Memsie Parish of Rathen. Isabella SMITH was his second wife. They were married 10 jun 1858 @ Church of Tyrie. (I have not found info on his first wife) Isabella SMITH b. 1836 ? d. 10 jan 1885 22d Queen Street,PD She was 25 @ time of marriage and was from Coburty, Parish of Aberdour. Jessie HUTCHISON's parents were - David HUTCHISON b. 1829 ? He was 29 @ time of marriage and was from Auchnacoy, Logie Buchan. Married to Jessie THOM 23 nov 1858 @ Manse of Peterhead. Jessie THOM b. 1838 ? 20 @ time of marriage and was from New Aberdour, Aberdour =======================================================